OC Best Construction helps improve aesthetics and curb appeal, modernize your structure, and add trendy design elements, as well as make the most use of available space adequately.

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We know that even though you may love your home, sometimes you need some more room. Our goal is to help protect the things that matter the most to you, your family and your home.

We use the highest quality products/materials and stay up to date on the latest trends. We keep quality and reliability at the forefront of every addition or renovation and treat every home like ours.

With OC Best Construction, you’ll know that all your loved ones, including your dear children and pets will be kept safe throughout the entire project, giving you complete peace of mind.

Restructuring your home can be very exciting, but since it is a big investment, choosing the right type of addition for your home is important to make sure your investment truly pays off. Here are some of the most popular:

Two-Story Additions

If you find yourself thinking about changing your building to a two-story, you are definitely on the right path for a huge payoff. A two-story addition including an upstairs master suite as well as a downstairs living area can drastically improve your house value. By significantly increasing the square footage of your house, you will attract more potential buyers when the time eventually comes for you to sell your home and of course, you and your family will have tons of extra space to enjoy your current home.

Bathroom Additions

If your home doesn’t have enough bathrooms, it can be incredibly frustrating for your family not to mention the big turnoff to potential buyers. Adding a bathroom or even just a half-bath is an easy way to remedy this.

Master Suites

Creating a full and completely updated master suite can give you a whole new space full of comfort and relaxation in your home. Master suites are highly sought after in the housing market these days, so creating this space will definitely increase the value of your building.

Kitchen Expansion

It’s no surprise at all that a kitchen remodel would have one of the highest returns on investment. If your current kitchen is too small and has an inefficient layout. Expanding it will undoubtedly increase your home’s resale value and until you sell your home, you will have a much more relaxing time preparing meals with your family.

Deck Additions

If your home doesn’t currently have an outdoor patio space, adding a deck could be an excellent option. It will create a relaxing space for you to enjoy with your family. Adequate decks have been proven to have an excellent return on investment.